LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Henderson Police Chief Thedrick Andres said officers have worked hard to fight crime in the city and is encouraged with overall crime figures.

He said total crime dropped 6% in Henderson last year compared to 2019.

“And I would tell you that’s amazing,” said Andres.

Chief Andres said property crime dropped 17%. He cited COVID-19 as part of the reason for the decrease.

Henderson Police Chief Thedrick Andres

“We typically deal with property crime challenges. And larceny, thefts in some of our bigger shopping areas, and obviously with businesses being closed, we didn’t experience some of those challenges,” said Andres.

But the city bordering Las Vegas saw a different negative shift during the pandemic: The chief said violent crime, which includes murder, rape and aggravated assault, increased 17%.

“We had some challenges early on. When COVID came in, we were dealing with a lot of family violence related issues. Our officers were responding to more disturbance calls, a few more fight calls happened in the community. And those challenged our resources,” said Andres.

But he said the department worked to decrease violent crime by enhancing the community relations unit. Officers are assigned to specific areas for a year to help people with crime prevention tips and communication.

He also said a problem-solving unit is back working, going to crime hot spots when they flare up.

Chief Andres said city leaders in Henderson remain committed to public safety as the city grows. He said a new police station is still moving forward for the city’s westside near the Inspirada community.

The chief said he hopes to eventually have 100 patrol officers there, along with training and dispatch facilities, with the facility built by 2023 or 2024.

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