Martial arts class open to kids, adults with disabilities. (FOX5)

Martial arts class open to kids, adults with disabilities. (FOX5)

A martial arts class in Las Vegas helps kids with disabilities.

HENDERSON (FOX5) – The Dojang World Training Center is breaking down barriers and opening its doors for kids and adults of all ages to its Jhonya Club.

Jhonya's club caters to kids and adults with disabilities to teach them the martial arts.

"I was hooked right from the start, I’m like this is the school for me," student Jordan Hershenhouse said.

Unlike most classes that teach you hand and kicking techniques, Jhonya’s Club is all about making big changes in a person’s life who has disabilities.

"I feed off what the students come with. Some days I come with a menu but if they change it then I'll have to go with that. You know if they're having a bad day or whatever is going on in their life then it affects the class," Chief Master Dan Jackson said.

Jackson has been teaching the class since 2010. He makes sure his students get lessons beyond the mat to help students get physically and mentally stronger.

"It’s helped with my anger because I get mad sometimes. I get really upset and mad about things and now I can control my anger and be the best I can. and try my best not to fail Master Jackson," student Sonya Dilks said.

Dilks has autism and through taking the class for 14 years she’s been able to overcome a number of personal challenges in her day-to-day life.

"Basically put my heart into everything I do because I’m lucky to be in this class. The doctor said that I can’t walk and talk and I proved them wrong, " Hershenhouse said.  

For more information on their classes, head over to their Facebook.

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