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The City of Henderson is on its way to becoming a "smart city." 

HENDERSON, Nevada (FOX5) - The City of Henderson is on its way to becoming a "smart city." It’s teamed up with five start-up companies to track things like traffic and economic growth.

New tech tools would also make it easier for residents to find out information about city services.

The City of Las Vegas and the RTC have also been working with start-ups on their own projects. But Henderson spokespeople said they hope this will not only help people who live here, but also attract more tech-savvy businesses to the valley.

“Hi, I am the City of Henderson voice assistant,” a new Alexa skill said. Dilli Labs founder Piyush Hari gave a demonstration Thursday.

To learn when a city office will close, when the next city council meeting is or how to get a pet license, soon Alexa may be able to answer.

Created by Dilli Labs, the app through Alexa can even send the city’s emergency alerts or notify the city to deliver a wellness check.

Dilli Labs is just one of five start-ups teaming up with the City of Henderson. The company SacTown Interactive has been creating a game-like app that will encourage kids to walk to school.

“So there's a safety aspect for their parents so they can track their student,” City of Henderson IT project Manager Claire South said.

Another company, City Life, said it will create an app for Henderson.

The start-up Urban Logiq would track data around up and coming homes or businesses to help the city plan traffic routes.

“So we understand a little bit more if signals need to be changed, if lanes need to be created,” South said.

Along with major projects like the Raiders Headquarters, South said Henderson is also seeing a boom in new apartments and fast food restaurants.

“The sky's the limit,” Urban Logiq co-founder Herman Chandi said. “Once we help them with that we can do any kind of predictions: predicting crashes, timing of traffic lights and better planning of the community.”

Urban Logiq has already completed a similar project for the City of San Jose, California.

Navigating through the city, commuters may have noticed a lot of construction.

A new app would help Henderson track those lane closures and barricades in real-time.

“It shows the map of where they are,” On Point Barricade app developer Nicholas Spindel said as he demonstrated how the app works.

Spindel first created the app, ‘WTF!?! Where’s the Foodtruck?’ to help valley residents find the nearest food trucks.

“We’re very excited to see – that first, this was a problem that the city had that we could solve,” he said. “I live in Henderson. So to be able to do this for and with Henderson, and to be able to work with them in creating this product as a new business and for them to be on the leading edge of fun cities is really fun.”

So Spindel teamed up with construction experts Megan Collins and Tom Mueller to create On Point Barricade.

So with big names like Google moving in, the City of Henderson shared hopes that these tech upgrades will bring in more smart business.

“We're hoping that because we're getting great relationships with these start-ups, they might consider moving to Henderson,” South said.

The city is about halfway through development and beta testing with these start-ups. It's part of a 16-week program through STIR, Startup in Residence.

After four months, the five start-ups will show the city what they’ve created. If Henderson likes them, they’ll launch the programs soon after.

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