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HENDERSON (FOX5) -- A Henderson man said due to where his house is located, cars keep crashing into his property. 

Mike Everly said he was sitting on his couch in the family room with his daughter when he heard a screeching sound followed by a loud crash on Saturday, Sept. 7.

When he stepped outside, he said he saw a 2015 BMW wedged between his home and the brick wall surrounding his backyard.

According to Henderson Police, a 16-year-old driver was speeding and did not realize he needed to make a left turn until it was too late.

Everly said Saturday’s crash was the fifth time he had to deal with a car on his property in the 17 years he's lived near Horizon Ridge Parkway and Stephanie Street.

He said the problem is specific to his home. It's situated on a corner after a long stretch of road, and some drivers do not realize there is a turn until it's too late.

When Everly first bought the property, he said there were not as many houses or drivers and the road that is a problem didn't exist.

He asked the city to add a speed bump over the years, but according to the city, speed bumps can slow down ambulances and police cars responding to emergencies in that area.

After his story was reported on Wednesday, the city emailed him their plans to make his street safer, including adding two islands with fiberglass and plastic vertical markers.

Everly said the driver’s insurance will foot the bill for the damages incurred on his property. The insurance companies covering the at fault drivers in the previous crashes also paid for the damages, according to Everly.

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16-year-old speeding in a BMW. Hmm, overindulged brat?

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