Henderson high school may start drug testing students in sports and activities

Foothill High School in Henderson may start random drug testing for students who participate in sports and extra curricular activities.

Foothill High School in Henderson may start random drug testing for students who participate in sports and extra curricular activities.

Under this program, every student who is in a sport or extra curricular activity would pay a one time fee of $10 and give consent for a random drug and alcohol tests.

"I'm not opposed to it, as long as it's used correctly," parent Sharon Flick said.

Flick's daughter is a sophomore at Foothill High, who's involved in band and video production.

"I don't think my daughters going to have to worry about it, because I know what my kid is doing, but there's parents that don't," Flick said.

Under the program, all students who participate in sports or other activities would pay a one time $10 fee to cover the cost of the drug and alcohol testing. About 15 students would be randomly tested each week. Parents could also choose to enroll any student in the program.

"I think most students don't really mind that much to be honest, because the chances of getting drug tested are really low. But it's still like a chance, so it keeps kids out of trouble," student Justin Wig said.

Meanwhile, Flick said parents in the band booster club shared both questions and concerns over the testing.

"I think we're all concerned when something new comes down. We want to make sure that kids are not targeted, make sure it's random, it's not targeting one group verses another group, making it fair," she said.

"If it protects our children from doing something that could damage them permanently, then you know what I'm all for that," Flick added.

A CCSD spokesperson said some other schools have already implemented similar programs, including Green Valley High School.

If the school board votes to approve the program, it will go into effect immediately at Foothill High this school year.

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