LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- FOX5 Executive Producer Ron Keller let our cameras capture the moment he met his half sister for the first time.   

A year and a half ago, Keller received an email titled "Greetings from New Orleans" from Lesli Richard. She explained that they share the same father and that she has three sisters. 

"When I first learned about it I was sort of like wow. I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t upset, I was sort of excited,” Keller said.  

As a child, Keller was told the father that raised him was his adoptive father and as an adult he never tried searching for his biological one. 

Meanwhile, Richard and her sisters knew they had a brother and tracking him down by DNA testing online didn't turn anything up. Instead they were told they could use information from his birth announcement, which Keller's mom had sent to their grandparents. 

Through and a $90 fee, they were able to find Keller by the name of the hospital he was born at and his name. 

"It was like 20 minutes we had your email address where you live you know like you lived in California then. It was that kind of stuff and your phone number and I was like- I’m not gonna call him," Richard said. 

Keller said he appreciated how there wasn't any pressure from Richard when she first  reached out. 

"You were like- if you don’t want us to be a part of your life we’ll gladly step away but we just wanted to know you were out there and that was really sweet," Keller said.

"No it’s true because I didn’t know how it would affect you," Richard said.

The pair video called Richard's twin sister Ashley. 

“I was always wanted a brother. So it just feels like my dreams came true," Ashley said.

Both Ashley and Leslie work in the media industry like their brother. Ashley works in radio, Richard works as a locations manager for TV series and movie sets. 

"We’ve all been in media for so long and then we meet our brother and he’s in media so I thought that was really interesting," Richard said.

Sisters noticed Keller's mannerisms are like their father's.

"The mannerisms that are similar to our dad, how is that even possible? You know what I mean like- it’s something you don’t even realize that is so genetic in you that you have a reaction and it’s similar to someone you never even have met,” Richard said.

ron keller

Their father passed away from ALS in 2004.

They hope their friendship only grows from here.

“It’s weird to think how connected you are to so many people that you’d never know," Keller said.

"I want to just get to know each other and take it one day at a time,” Richard said.

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