FREE International (FOX5)

FREE International (FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Child Seekers is partnering with FREE International to bring home 30 missing children from the valley. 

"Every kid needs to be found, anyone who is missing is vulnerable," Mike Bartel said. 

Bartel is the co-founder of FREE International, a nonprofit that aims to end child trafficking. Bartel and his wife have been searching for missing kids since 2004. 

This week he's teaming up with Nevada Child Seekers for "The Big Search," happening through Sunday. It's been done during the week leading up to the Super Bowl for the past nine years. 

"You can't find what you're not looking for," he said. 

The Big Search involves hundreds of volunteers. They search for the kids, gather tips and then turn anything they get over to police. Some of these children are trafficked, others kidnapped, and some of the 30 ... they don't know. 

"Any number of things could happen to these kids," Bartel said. "Las Vegas is obviously known for the commercial sex industry. When me and my wife started working with sex trafficking victims in east Asia, this was in 2004, they were already talking about sex trafficking in Vegas," he said. 

During last year's search, they located 27 kids, and they're hoping for even more this year. 

"I'll never forget two years ago there was one kid they were missing, and we thought we found a beat," Bartel said. "I was driving my kids to school and I'm a person of faith, and I said, 'Let's pray for her. I think we're going to find her today.' Within two hours she was found."

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