Zaela Walker

Zaela Walker was reportedly last seen with her parents in North Las Vegas.

NORTH LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- North Las Vegas police have asked the public for help in locating a 3-year-old girl who was reported missing three months ago.

Officers were called to the 4600 block of Mission Cantina Avenue on Aug. 25 in regards to a missing child, North Las Vegas police said. Zalea Walker was reportedly last seen with her parents, Lakeia Walker, 27, and Ricky Beasley, 27, in North Las Vegas.

On Nov. 17, Texas Department of Public Safety officers conducted a traffic stop in Houston and arrested Beasley for possession of a stolen vehicle. Walker was also arrested, but she was later released, police said.

Zalea was not with them, police said. Both Walker and Beasley said they did not know where their daughter was and were uncooperative with law enforcement.

Zaela Walker 2

North Las Vegas police said 2-year-old Zaela Walker was reported missing in Aug. 2018.

Fox5 sat down with Zalea's grandmother Carla Richardson. 

"She's so smart. She's a character," she said

Richardson takes care of Zalea like she's her own. She says it's a blessing. 

"That's what mothers do. Take care of their children." 

Zalea just turned three last month, but her grandmother doesn't know where, or if, the girl celebrated. 

Carla could go on about her granddaughter who knows all her colors, can count to 20 and loves to read books. 

"I miss that kid so much." 

Carla hasn't seen Zalea since the beginning of August. She says she came home from work and was told Zalea was with her dad, Ricky. 

"The first time I called the police I told them my daughter was missing. They told me she was 27 and it was her daughter and it was her right, she didn't have to come home." 

Later that week Carla used find my I-phone which led her to her daughters car in Craig Ranch. 

"It looked as though, she got out of the car and was coming back to the car."

Police told Carla it didn't look like there was any foul play. Later that night, Carla called police again because she found some worrisome text messages on her daughters phone. She says that's what finally sparked a detective to take the case but he apparently still didn't think Zalea was in any danger. 

"He actually felt as though they had just left with their child and you know going on to live their life," Carla said. 

Carla believes Zalea is alive, she just doesn't know where. 

Police say in a case like this, someone knows something. Now Carla is hoping that someone says something. 

"She missed her birthday, thanksgiving," said Carla crying. 

Just for one chance, one time of a life time do what's right. Do what's right and bring Zalea home. Just whoever you are wherever she's at, just once in a life time, I dare you to do whats right and see what good will come to you."

Police said Zalea could be with someone in the Vegas area. Anyone with any information is urged to contact NLVPD at 702-633-9111.

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