LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- With Christmas and New Year celebrations both landing on a weekends this year, the Interstate 15 will likely see some backup near the Nevada-California border.

While the governors of Nevada and California announced an I-15 widening project earlier this month, many are left wondering when Brightline's high-speed rail will finally make its debut. The private company's plan is to connect Las Vegas to Victorville via train.

It's a question FOX5 posed to the governors of both states. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said he is confident California Gov. Gavin Newsom is committed to making the rail a reality, and that they both were anxious to get the project rolling. 

"We're both working with Brightline as it relates to the high-speed train. I was down in Florida to actually ride the train ... It's impressive what they're doing, and we're working on certain rideaway issues with the Brightline folks," Sisolak said. "I know the [Gov. Gavin Newsom] is committed to it. I'm certainly committed to it. Anything we can do to relieve the congestion and help the citizens of both states, is something we're anxiously working toward."

According to Gov. Newsom, the state is working through bonds financing and environment impact reviews for the prospective rail. 

"The pandemic slowed things down as it relates to access to bonds. The state of California is not putting any direct dollars up. It's a private project as you know. That said, there's bonding authority that the state is providing for technical assistance. Gone through an EPA process. There's some environmental considerations relying on crossings, big-horn sheep issues. We're working through all of those."

The governors on Dec. 6 announced that a five-mile stretch of I-15 will be widened from two to three lanes on the California side at state line. The governors expect the project will be finished by summer of 2022.

Brightline West desert rendering

courtesy Brightline West

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(7) comments


Another overpriced and guaranteed under-used boondoggle by bilking millions in taxpayer dollars. They will charge a lot of money to ride this catastrophe of a project, that is, if and when it ever gets built. People want to ride in their own cars, or fly. That's what people want to do. This rail is not to be convenient enough to get people where they want to go. These politicians never get it through their stupid heads because they don't care. They're in somebody or other's pockets.


There are many people, particularly in younger generations who do not want to drive, nor deal with the hassle of air travel. The politicians are listening to the Gen-z and millennials who are asking for it.


Amtrak is consistently running in the red and is funded by our taxpayers dollars. This is another boondoggle. It ends at Victorville!? Why stop there, let's build a bridge to Hawaii. AOC would sponsor that. But we all know she's dumb as a mud fence.


How long ago did dirty harry retire? And how many millions did he get sucked out of Congress to pay for it...?


Another boondoggle to steal taxpayer money. If it was profitable or doable, the private sector would do it.


With that attitude the transcontinental railroad or the interstate highway system would never have been built. Major infrastructure work requires public investment to make it profitable. Most railroads historically did not see profits for the first 30 to 50 years of operation.


Money laundering. Got to love demorats

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