Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak removes an outer face mask during a news conference at the Grant Sawyer State Building in Las Vegas Sept. 29, 2020. (Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun, pool)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Gov. Steve Sisolak issued a statement on Tuesday calling all Nevada leaders to condemn President Donald Trump's "attacks on the integrity of our healthcare workers." 

The president on Tuesday morning retweeted a tweet saying that a hospital emergency care site in Reno was "fake," adding that Nevada's election results are also "fake." 

Sisolak said the president's "misleading rhetoric" about the COVID-19 care site recently built at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno was "unconscionable." After Reno hospitals had been experiencing near-capacity levels for several weeks, Renown opened an alternate care site with more than 700 beds for COVID-19 patients in the hospital's parking garage. 

Renown medical director Jacob Keerman said the response to the tweet was more positive than negative, with many showing their support for healthcare workers during the pandemic.

“I'm really not paying attention to the negative comments of it and the overwhelming response has been appreciative and encouraging," Keerman said. "I'm a physician, not a politician, and I'm going to stick to providing the best care for each patient."

Sisolak's full statement is as follows: 

For nearly nine months, the State of Nevada has not only had to battle this pandemic, we have had to fight the President's nonstop attempts to politicize a virus that has led to over 260,000 American deaths.  

His consistent misleading rhetoric on COVID-19 is dangerous and reckless, and today's implication that Renown's alternate care site is a "fake hospital" is among the worst examples we've seen. It is unconscionable for him to continue to spread lies and sow distrust at a time when all Americans should be united during this historic public health crisis. Enough is enough. 

Nevada’s healthcare professionals continue to work around the clock to provide life-saving care to Nevadans during this pandemic, including standing up an alternate care site in a parking garage to ensure access to medical care for all those who need it. 

Renown Hospital has served as a pillar of strength for the Northern Nevada community throughout this pandemic, and especially during this current surge. Every day, their health care workers mask up, go to work, and care for Nevadans most in need. They too live with the fear of becoming infected and bringing this virus back home to their families, yet they have sat at bedsides holding the hands of patients so they wouldn't have to be alone. They aren't liars, as the President implied -- they are heroes.  

I call on all leaders throughout Nevada - regardless of political affiliation - to join me in condemning the President's attacks on the integrity of our healthcare workers. 

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford Tweeted that he joins in Sisolak's condemnation of Trump's tweet, urging people to stop "downplaying" COVID-19. 

Rep. Dina Titus also tweeted in support of Sisolak: 

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(7) comments


I condemn you, you worthless DA.


Hey moron, instead of continuing on bashing the President taking accountability for the life lost due to covid which is also your fault because you went against the health officials and professional advice to not reopen casinos! You also are allowing airlines to bring in packed airplanes form hot spots and to top it all off they are bringing in thugs doing drug deals who have no money to support our city. $29 air fares are hurting our city and so are low hotel rates. Raise the hotel rates to a new high that invites people with money until the city is capable of sustaining. Stop full airplanes from bombarding the city with low lives and distribution of covid19!!!


He says "I call on all leaders throughout Nevada - regardless of political affiliation - to join me in condemning the President's attacks on the integrity of our healthcare workers. "

What about the attacks on the American people? The attack on my intelligence to know what i want to read and if i make a choice to believe or not believe what I've read. I would like to come to my own conclusions based on the gathering of facts from multiple resources. I don't appreciate anyone's censorship. A person may disagree with someone but they dont have the right to use their leadership roles to condemn things they dont agree with.


Sisolak needs to be investigated by the IRS and the department of justice for money laundering, tax evasion, and theft. He's a joke, he sucks as Governor, he's corrupt and I hope we see him doing 25 years to life in prison!


How comical …. Sisolak and Ford complaining about lies. Both are political hacks that could care less about anyone but their own interests. Sisolak and he crew of cronies have destroyed the economy, there have been no reasonable audits of any of their claims and health care organizations get paid extra money for any “Covid19” cases. I am no public health expert but based on every misstep these clowns have made, neither are they. They did everything they could to control us the last 4 years and I guess they are worried what the next 4 years will have to offer them.


The crooked scumbag says !


Sums it up, I happen to be here in Reno and what Trump said is true. The federal government paid for the Renown parking ramp facility and it has not been used yet. Now they are opening it, even though they have plenty of bed to support the parties position. How do you know Lee, Titus, Ford and Sisolak are lying .... their lips and fingers are moving. Resist, Recall, Remove - 2021

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