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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) Golden Knights season ticket holders said the team told them their tickets were "cancelled" after attempts, or perceived attempts to sell them.

Cheryl Rosso-Streitz is a die hard Golden Knights fan. The medieval maniac lives in Saint George, but said she's barely missed a game. 

"I would drive there and drive home," Rosso-Streitz said. "That was like six hours of driving for one game. I did that the whole season."

Rosso-Streitz initially spent about $10,000 for last year's season tickets for her and her husband. As the season went on, her husband, who suffers from an auto-immune disease, wasn't able to make some of the games. Rosso-Streitz said she would sell her husband's seat and still go, or sit in the seats next to her seats and sell both. 

"He definitely wished he felt better, it was just hard for him," she said. "They can see I lost money, I didn't make money. I didn't even sell the tickets for cost."

Last week, Rosso-Streitz got an email saying her season ticket's had been cancelled.

"The idea is I was brokering tickets, that's what they said."

Rosso-Streitz said she told the team about her husband's situation.

"They said, 'We made our decision and it's done.'" 

Justin Guadry also got the email, but unlike Rosso-Stretiz he said he never even sold his tickets. Guadry said he was just a part of Facebook groups where you can sell tickets and had talked to people about games he couldn't go.  Guadry lives in Canada, but spends his winters in Vegas. 

"The email said they knew I was selling tickets," he said. "I was honestly looking forward to making relationships and connections with people that I could always sell my tickets to."

Rosso-Streitz said the people she'd sit with sometimes asked her why she wasn't at Sunday's preseason opener. 

"My friends were in shock. I just told them I didn't renew and they are like, 'A huge fan like you? Why wouldn't you renew?' I'm just embarrassed. The amount of money time and energy I spent on this team, this is just like a huge slap in the face."

The Vegas Golden Knights did not respond to requests for clarification on the issue.

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My sister and I are elderly and disabled We only go down to the strip in daylight. Therefore there are only 2 Sunday afternoon games that we wanted to attend for this season. We went on line and found 2 seats available in a handicap section for the Jan 6 game. I tried unsuccessfully to purchase the 2 tickets online. I called the box office and the man curtly told me I could not purchase those 2 tickets that I had to purchase 3 tickets as the 2 ticket purchase would leave a single ticket and they do not allow that. I would have to purchase the 3 tickets! I was astounded as I have never heard of such a ridiculous policy. And there are single tickets available throughout the bowl. So is this policy only in the handicapped section? Is this just discrimination against the disabled? I just looked at the ticket website and those same 3 tickets are still available. So the Knights would rather leave 3 seats empty instead of selling 2 and leaving 1 empty. Ridiculous!!! The Knights organization has become money hungry. They need to remember they need their fans and they just lost 2. And after the way they treated the season ticket holder in your piece they should lose more fans. Just unbelievable.


If the story is accurate the Knights need to make this right. Keep after ‘em ch 5.


I always assumed if you paid for something, it belonged to you. Sounds like this team thinks they can sell those tickets again and make more money. I think it's wrong.

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