Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada undated photo. (FOX5/File)

Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada undated photo. (FOX5/File)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The local Girl Scouts and a juvenile detention center partnered up to help high-risk girls change their path in life through the "Leader in Action" program.

In the program, girls from The Harbor Juvenile Assessment Center work with mentors from the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada to help them grow as leaders and reduce the likelihood of them getting involved in risky situations. 

"I was doing bad things. Things I shouldn't be doing, and then I got put into the LIA program," 6th grader Aiya said. 

FOX5 is not fully identifying the girls, as they are minors. 

Aiya said she was acting out in school, at home and online.

She said one of her triggers would stem from people making fun of her.

"Like if someone was making fun of you, and if you ever had gotten in a situation with them before, and (you) start yelling at them," Aiya said. 

"I had got caught with marijuana. And its not the smartest decision that I ever made," 10th grader Anaiz said.

Those decisions led to the opportunity to join the program. 

"You know, instead of focusing on the issues they had in the past, it's all about looking forward," Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada CEO Kimberly Trueba said.

The program is funded through GSSNV's annual fundraising gala "Dessert Before Dinner."

While their journey is just beginning, both girls said they hope to continue to spread LIA's message to others. 

"The goal would be to just reach more girls, to let them know that this can provide leadership training and that mentorship," Trueba said.

"In your path, you can go two ways, either the good way or the bad way. The LIA program helped me open up a new one," Anaiz said.

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