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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The story goes when the Mob ran Las Vegas, some members created a torture chamber of sorts on Las Vegas Boulevard. Now that building houses a tattoo shop.

The owner said he has proof it’s haunted.

So he called in the experts from Sin City Paranormal Investigators. Some members of the group said they’ve been thrown, punched and scratched … all by spirits.

The team even has a medic on hand at every investigation.

FOX5 followed them inside Wolfpack Tattoo Shop. The address: 666 South Las Vegas Boulevard in downtown Las Vegas.

Bobby Ponte has owned the shop for two years. And in that short time, he has seen some spooky – unexplained – stuff.

“Stuff comes off the walls when people are here,” he said. “We'll hear it crash. We'll come back. Stuff is broken.”

High electric bills, tools and other items out of place, Ponte searched and searched for logical answers. But he said he couldn’t find anything.

“I'm not someone who believes in things without seeing it. I've now seen enough things, there's no other explanation,” he said. “It’s not a human. It's some kind of energy.”

So Ponte called Sin City Paranormal Investigators.

“I like to ask questions that people wouldn't think of asking,” lead instructor Brent Burris said.

The ghost hunters did their research. They said this building had a rich history dating beyond the Mob era.

“This particular area of the building would be used as a disciplinary area where they would take the people who were in trouble,” Team Lead Nathalie Ben-Kely-Scott said.

They’ve already swept through this building once.

“I noticed as I’m looking at paper towel, it starts unrolling on its own,” Brian James Williamson said. “Then the paper towel roll lifted a couple inches off the table and just dropped.”

And then on Friday night, “as soon as we walked in that faucet turned on and they recognize our energy from last time.” Burris said. “They're ready to play. They're ready to communicate.”

And this time, they said they felt a presence immediately.

“Just like anything in life, it takes time,” Burris said. “So once you gain the spirits trust, they are more apt to communicate with you, the more you come back to visit them.”

And they said their main goal is to help spirits on the other side.

“It’s just a matter of finding out why,” Burris said. “Some people are taken too soon in car crash or murders. They're taken from this Earth too fast so they don't know they've passed on. And sometimes it’s up to us to come in and help them realize they're no longer of this Earth. So we try to help them pass on into the light.”

The group said interest in the paranormal always spikes around Halloween.

Their next trip will be to the Goldfield Hotel in November.

If you want more information about the group, visit their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SinCityParanormal/

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