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LAS VEGAS -- About 1,000 people are at risk of losing their jobs after Frias Transportation announced it will get rid of its taxi services. 

Frias is part of the Charles and Phyllis M. Frias Foundation.

Co-trustee of the foundation John Mowbray said, "There are several interested parties in the industry seeking to acquire those vehicles."

The taxi drivers will be employed by Frias until March 13. If a sale goes through, the drivers will have the option to stay with the company and keep working, the company said.

Mowbray said he is confident a sale will go through before the deadline, and that money from this sale would go back to the community.

“It's all going to benefit children, education and the less fortunate members of society here in southern Nevada,” said Mowbray.

Some taxi drivers, who didn’t want to be identified, said even though management is confident another agency will buy them, they are still a little nervous and looking for other jobs just in case.

Meanwhile, at Frias Transportation headquarters on Valley View Blvd, south of Tropicana, a giant “now hiring drivers” sign was draped across the parking garage.

Mowbray said they aren’t hiring new drivers but the garage and land could be up for sale soon too.

"All along we've been advised as trustees that the highest and best use of that 18 acre campus is not for a taxi cab transportation business." 

It’s also less than a 15 minute walk to the new Raiders stadium.

This real-estate opportunity is another reason Frias said it is choosing to get rid of its taxi service.

Mowbray said this sale doesn't have to do with the growing business of ride share services. 

He said taxis are not a dying industry, but they must evolve.

“The big difference between a TNC driver an uber and lyft and a taxi cab, they're not background checked to the extent that our taxi cab drivers are. We have fully insured vehicles. They've got a long history of providing transportation experience and doing exactly that – since that’s their main job,” he said.

The Board of Trustees of the Frias Charitable Foundation said they will continue to, “champion its philanthropic endeavors and charitable mission set forth by Charles and Phyllis M. Frias more than 50 years ago.”

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