LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- John Anzalone is the principal at Sierra Vista High School, one of the most ethnically diverse high schools in the valley.  

SVHS is not in summer school, but they are closing in on a plan as to how the high school will look come the fall.  

The school is looking to reopen as a hybrid, meaning half the students will spend one week in class while the other half is online. Students will then switch.

Anzalone said the school is also considering going back to school full time or back to distance learning full time. CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara will have to make the final approval of any school reopening plans.

Anzalone thinks they can social distance in the classroom, but the issue will be between periods with everyone in the hallways.

Other topics discussed include racial concerns at the school.

With Sierra Vista being such a diverse school, Anzalone believes there won't be a problem, however it will be something the administration will be monitoring.

Dr. Jara will address the school board on June 25, where he's expected to layout ground rules for reopening schools next Fall.

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How many school teachers were sexual predators last school year ? How many weapons confiscated? Military presence is needed!


Worried about the dumb virus! It’s 98% 😷 cured in younger people,kills elderly & people with medical problems! IThink the schools should paying more attention to the drugs ,school shootings ,drop out rates ! Dump the common core & transgender nonsense!

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