With the holidays in the rearview mirror, Las Vegas hospitals are seeing Intensive Care Unit beds at capacity, and looming surge in COVID-19 cases.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- With the holidays in the rearview mirror, Las Vegas hospitals are seeing ICU beds at capacity, and a looming surge in COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Joe Corcoran, Chief Medical Officer with HCA Far West says Mountain View, Southern Hills, Sunrise and Sunrise Children’s hospitals are seeing ICUs at capacity.

Although COVID-19 vaccines are being administered, Dr. Corcoran said he expects a rise in cases from people who traveled during the holidays or gathered in large groups.

Corcoran said the weeks after holidays will be crucial, and if we can get through the two week period, we will be “rounding third base and heading to home” as far as putting the pandemic behind us.

According to Corcoran, somewhere between the the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving is when he thinks Nevadans can let their guard down. The public's willingness to be vaccinated will go a long ways in determining how fast we return to normal.

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(8) comments


It's called December/January there are ALWAYS more beds full. This is nothing more then our elected clowns wanting to hold on to their "executive power" and ability to make illegal mandates, that yes, will be over-turned as unlawful, but they don't care. The amount of time that takes, the bribes will be in their pockets, and the damage done.


"FOX5 EXPERTS: Las Vegas hospitals reaching capacity as COVID-19 cases surge"

Really?? Prove it to me - in person. Nobody with a brain is going to believe you till you prove it.


Your a nobody! Nobody has got to prove sh!!t to you! If you have your doubts, then YOU go to a hospital and ask to see the covid unit!


Why so paranoid?


Soon, the mark of the beast or the gulag. Choose wisely.




You know I post irrational thoughts just so someone (usually you) will answer with your own irrational and usually rude response. So I'm not delusional, just devious.


oh shut up- you liars.

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