LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The COVID-19 Task Force has been front and center regarding Nevada's COVID-19 response. Task force member Jim Murren discussed Las Vegas's post pandemic future with vaccine rollout and eligibility expanding by the day.

Murren, a former Chairman and CEO of MGM Resorts knows first hand what Las Vegas needs to rebound successfully.

When asked if he forecasts another boom for Las Vegas, he answered by saying he sees signs of a robust recovery in the second half of this year and gaining momentum in 2022.

Currently the task force is rolling out a vaccination advertising campaign to stress how they will help restore the quality of life here and also dispel misinformation that has prevented people from being vaccinated. 

Murren feels that in about two and a half months, we will be where we need to be with vaccinations and that by late summer into fall, things will feel fairly normal.  He said we will be watching sports in crowded arenas and concerts in crowded theaters by the end of the year.

With Las Vegas showing signs of recovery, Murren weighed-in regarding a next potential event that could shut down the local economy. 

He said we need to become more self-reliant. We ceded healthcare to out of state places before Nevada built up in-state testing. He said we can never get in a position where that happens. We need to support the medical school and invest in higher education and health services. 

In addition, Murren said we need to make things locally like PPE instead of relying on out of state and out of country companies for supplies.  He also said we need to look at health and safety the way we look at travel safety. 

9-11 didn’t stop us from traveling, but it did change the way we travel.

We need the same type of health protocols to ensure our facilities are safe as possible from a health standpoint.

Murren responded to a possible question about a career in politics, perhaps a run at governor of Nevada. He said he likes his semi-retirement mode right now.

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Sure Vegas is going to come back big time. But not thanks to vaccines or democrat politics or any of that nonsense. It will come back thanks ONLY to that great traditional Las vegas libertarian tradition of hard work and Live and Let Live mindset.


Sizelscums soyboy friend,must’ve been laying low ?

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