Tanae Mayfield

Police arrested Tanae Mayfield for attempted murder after he allegedly hit a woman with her car.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Maria Banderas said she is thankful to be alive and walking shortly after she was hit by a car.

She said she has several cuts and bruises all over her body and can't put too much pressure on one of her legs.

"I'm grateful that there's no broken bones, it's just bruises and pain all around but I mean, I'm still here, alive," Banderas said.

Police said even they were surprised after seeing video of the car hitting Banderas. 

"To see a lady flip up onto the hood of a car and then slide off of it, I'm shocked that she's not deceased," Lt. Grant Rogers with Metro Police said. 

woman hit by car near Tropicana and Maryland Parkway

Earlier that day, the driver, later identified as Tanae Mayfield, walked into Llantera Tropicana tire shop near Maryland Parkway and Tropicana Avenue. Employees said they recognized her right away. 

"She came here to get more money," Banderas said. 

Banderas said they've caught Mayfield stealing from them before. Surveillance video from March 2 showed a woman standing by the register for a few minutes. 

When she wasn't twirling her long hair, her fingers were trying to open the cash drawer. Five tries and a little lean over the counter, she finally opened it, the video showed. 

She got away with about $550. 

On March 21, the woman came back. 

She didn't steal anything that time but came back the next day. This time, employees didn't want to let her get away again. 

"We put our cars behind her. That way when we called the cops they could get here and get her," Banderas said. 

But her car was small, so she drove over a cement parking block, onto the sidewalk and through the parking lot. That's when Maria and her coworkers ran after her. 

Police said Mayfield didn't stop. She sped up through the parking lot, made a U-turn and drove straight into Banderas. 

"I didn't know to run left or right ... I just saw black in my eyes because it was the car," she said. 

"The details are very eerily similar to the homicide we had a few months ago at the nail salon," Rogers said. 

The nail salon owner hit by the car in that case died. Police said she ran after a customer who walked out on a $35 manicure. The suspect was caught weeks after police said she killed the salon owner. 

"That's honestly the exact same video of the nail salon that occurred before. If this victim would have went underneath the car in my opinion, she would have died."

Police said they arrested Tanae Mayfield Tuesday night, and she's charged with attempted murder, battery with deadly weapon, burglary and attempting to tamper or cause vehicle damage.

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