In the less than 24 hours, police responded to four scares at schools in southern Nevada.

"Now, when it happens that you're not even safe to go to school anymore, because the school and the home were usually places where you are reasonable safe, now you could go to school and not come home and so now you have this pervasive fear," psychologist Dr. Louis Mortillaro said.

At Rosemary Clarke Middle School in Pahrump deputies arrested an 11-year-old student for making a violent threat via social media app Snapchat.Police investigated a similar incident at Brown Academy in Henderson, where they said a student also posted a threat on social media.

"It's scary but it's also very nerving because these kids think that its all in fun and its not a fun thing, just to get attention for something like that. But they don't know what the consequences are," grandparent Joan Munoz said.

At Palo Verde High School, police arrested a 17-year-old student for having a handgun in his backpack. And at Desert Rose High School a 17-year-old student was arrested for bringing a gun to school.

"Just mind boggling that these children bring firearms to school and they only bring them for one reason because they probably intend on using them here, they're not thinking," parent Scott Whitney said.

Dr. Mortillaro said these students are often trying to get attention in an unhealthy way.

"These are the disempowered students these might be the students that are bullied or maybe they are bullies they're trying to get a response they're trying to get a reaction," he said.

He said it's important for parents to sit down and talk with their kids about what's doing on and remind them to speak up anytime they see or hear anything suspicious.

"When you get together with your family you have to talk you have to make them feel safe physically and emotionally have safety plans about what to do and where to meet," he said.

Police said neither of the students who brought guns to school made threats, and the threats that were made on social media were found to be not credible.

They said none of the incidents are related.

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