Foundation Room Las Vegas interior

The interior of the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay. (Foundation Room Las Vegas/Facebook)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay announced Wednesday that the venue will remove statues after religious leaders said the statues were "highly inappropriate."

In a statement on Tuesday, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and Jain religious leaders called on the Foundation Room to remove statues of various Hindu and Jain deities from the venue.

In a joint statement, the religious leaders said that "placing highly revered Hindu and Jain deities to adorn a casino night-club was very disrespectful, out-of-line, and could be disturbing to the adherents of these faiths."

On Wednesday, the Foundation Room issued a statement to say that it would remove the statues and apologized to anyone who was offended.

"The Foundation Room’s two-decade plus tradition of promoting racial and spiritual harmony through love, peace, truth, righteousness and non-violence is more important than ever. We deeply apologize to those who are offended by recent images and we will work diligently to ensure such insensitive depictions don’t happen again. Specifically, we are removing the statue Mahavira from our premises. We have always strived to promote dialogue to bring us closer together and are committed to this sentiment moving forward.”

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I’m so sick of everyone offended by everything. It’s ridiculous! Let’s just all be robots


How long before they remove all of the ,"White People" because the Black Leaders demanded it? Las Vegas is a Liberal Disaster in only 2 years. Sisolak is a Communist for So ros. His eife is we are China. "Mask Slaves" made to stay home and only the chosen have jobs. No unemployment and no schools. Childrem are suffering and abused, some murdered by their parents that are desperate or drug addicted. Las Vegas is finished. People dont go on vacation to Vegas and wear a mask in a casino or a pool. Casino stocks tanked again....hes doing it on purpose The Mask Order is part of the lie, to ruin the economy and enslave the residents....his wife is Chinese. She must feel right at home in Communist Nevada.


I would not remove anything.

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