Former UFC champ: McGregor wants to be banned


Conor McGregor turned himself into Police Thursday night, Friday he went before a judge. The UFC champ is facing one felony and three misdemeanor charges for the incident at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn where McGregor shattered a bus window. Two fighters were injured, and three of this weekend's fights had to be canceled because of the stunt.

"You wanna grab 30 [expletive] friends and come down here and do what you did, it's disgusting," UFC President Dana White said of what happened.

While it's not exactly clear what led to McGregor throwing a dolly, guardrail and other things at the bus full of UFC fighters, it's believed it had something to do with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Dana White said McGregor should have instead taken his frustrations with the fighter out in the Octagon.

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"Do you wanna be in business with Conor McGregor?", Dana white asked. "And buy his fights, and chase him around? Do you?"

Former UFC champ Guy Mezger also has strong feelings about what unfolded with McGregor.

"That's real hillbilly stuff right there. I didn't realize the Irish were hillbillies," he said laughing.

Mezger fought in the UFC when the organization was just starting out and fought when there were really no rules in the octagon. In one match Mezger broke a guys arm, and his final bout was against Daniel Bergman. Mezger won with a technical knock out.

Mezger, who is now a little older, said had he been on the bus in his fighting days, when McGregor did what he did, he would've reacted.

"If I was 20 years old, I would have got off that bus and teach him a lesson."

Guy Mezger is frustrated with McGregor because he said when he was fighting, the UFC was so new, they really had to work for people's approval.

"We were considered dogs. People would call it dogfighting. We had to fight for a lot of respect," he said. "That's the thing that is disturbing to me. I don't want to be lumped in with Conor McGregor's behavior."

Guy said he doesn't know McGregor personally but he knows people who are close to him. Guy described the lightweight champion as smart, calculated and even manipulative. So he believes the incident that happened with the bus, happened for a reason.

"He has got millions, hundreds of millions of dollars. And fighting, it is just so demanding on your body, He has already been the champ, he doesn't need the money. So if he gets banned from the UFC for acting like an idiot, then people criticizing him for not fighting, he can say 'I wanna fight! But they banned me.' That's what I really think he's doing."

McGregor's bail was set at $50,000, and a protective order was placed against him. He will be back in court in June.

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