Former Fuddruckers employee says she was fired for reporting disgusting restaurant

A former Fuddruckers employee said she was fired for threatening to report the restaurant to the Southern Nevada Health District.

A former Fuddruckers employee said she was fired for threatening to report the restaurant to the Southern Nevada Health District.Tracy Burrell shared a year’s worth of "disgusting" photos after her termination from the Fuddruckers off of Flamingo and Interstate 215.Burrell said the photos prove there have been cockroaches in the Fuddruckers dining room and underneath the dishwashing machine. She also pointed to dirty messes in the kitchen, on the floor, and in the restrooms. More photos showed customers’ food with cardboard and plastic inside.

"This is what they’re using to feed the public?” she said. “You can’t do that!”

Burrell said she cleaned up the restaurant as best she could, but she didn’t try to hide her frustrations. She eventually made a comment about how this should be a job for the health department. That day, she said, was her last.

"If I see something that’s not right, I take initiative,” Burrell said. "They just said that they terminated me because they said I was a threat to the establishment.”

"I look out for the public. I wouldn’t want you or your kids or somebody else to go into an establishment and it’s nasty,” she continued. “You have kids up in there too. What if that had been a child that ate that piece of cardboard? How can you explain that if their baby is choking and you can’t revive their child? That’s not cool!”

The Southern Nevada Health District Website shows Fuddruckers has always received A and B grades. Its last inspection was in Jan.Fuddruckers managers deferred to Fuddruckers’ corporate office, who did not respond to requests for comment.Burrell said she does not believe this is a problem with the company itself because she used to work at a different Fuddruckers location at the Orleans Casino, which was much cleaner.

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