LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A sea of red shirts huddled around a large make shift memorial near the corner of Rainbow Boulevard and Spring Valley Parkway.

The memorial is just across the street from where Tina Tintor and her dog Max were killed in a DUI crash in the early morning of Tuesday, Nov. 2. Police said the crash was caused by now ex-Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs III.

"She was just an amazing girl and we're all going to miss her every single day," former co-worker and Target employee Patrick Lafleur said.

More than 20 former co-workers lit candles, embraced each other and mourned their friend.

“There’s a whole in our family now,” Lafleur said.

Tina worked at Target off Grand Canyon and Interstate 215 until she left last year to peruse a future career in computer programing. During her time at Target the co-workers said she left a lasting impression.

"Every time I look back and think about her I see her smile and the times we would laugh at the check stands together,” former Target employee Ryder Hankins said. “The unbearable eight hour shifts were like nothing, because she was there."

"She gave the best advice. She'd always want to hang out after work, and we would sit in the parking lot and talk and just hang out for a half hour to an hour," another former co-worker Ronnie Marquez said.

At the center of the colorful shrine off Rainbow is a picture of Tina and Maxi. Around it are dog bones, tennis balls and stuffed animals. They’re not only in a tribute to Maxi, but represent Tina's love for animals.

Tina's friends said they are feeling shock, sadness and can't help but feel anger too.

"She was full of life, spirit there's no other words for it this was totally senseless when all he had to do was call an Uber," Marquez said.

"I mean she was only 23-year-old. Didn't even live half her life, and now it’s gone. Taken away senselessly,” former co-worker Mary Vogel said. "We loved her at Target. We missed her when she quit, but we'll miss her now forever."

Tintor's family created a GoFundMe for her funeral expenses. Those interested in donating can visit

Tina Tintor and her dog, Max

A memorial for Tina Tintor on Nov. 3, 2021.

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