Mojave High School

Mojave High School is seen here on Oct. 3, 2018.

NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nevada (FOX5) - Franchell Hanson said as a mom, it's hard to send her daughter to school everyday knowing her daughter is scared. 

"That's my baby," Hanson said about her daughter Alexandrea. "I feel scared!"

Alexandrea Gonzalez-Kurtz is a sophomore at Mojave High School. She said the three scariest things about her school are the guns and drugs. After a long pause, she added that gangs were also a problem. 

"I was walking home one day and I was robbed at gunpoint," she said. "It was a gang member who did it."

Alexandrea and her mom said they called police, then brought the police report to school officials, but nothing was done. 

"I still have to see them everyday, they are in my classes," she said. 

Tuesday's fight at her school which left a school staff member hospitalized. The staff member was injured trying to break up the fight. 

Alexandrea's mom said she wasn't surprised to hear about it. 

"Oh, okay. Again? Where were the school police?" Hanson said. 

The fight is just the latest incident at the school. In Sept. a student was arrested for bringing a gun to school. But the most serious thing that happened regarding the school was in 2015, when a group of 50 students got into a fight. A student was shot and killed. 

Alexandrea and her mom said they have gone to school officials multiple times about the issues at the school but nothing has been done. 

"It's not fun when you're stressed out and already have so much going on in your life," Alexandrea said. 

The stress has become so unbearable Hanson said it's now impacting her daughter's education. 

"I'm going to pull my kids from the school," Hanson said. "The district gets paid for each child in school. Two more kids being pulled out, they'll lose that money," she said of her two kids at Mojave. 

CCSD released a statement about school safety Wednesday.

The safety of students and staff is Clark County School District’s (CCSD) number one priority. CCSD continually works to ensure our students and employees are safe at school.

Additionally, the district is fortunate to have one of the most efficient school police departments in the nation that is comprised of highly dedicated professionals who deliver excellent services to our campuses daily. The consistent presence of our armed school police officers is a crime deterrent and is an additional avenue and resource to students who often provide officers with information that stops illegal behavior from occurring. 

As CCSD continually strives to provide a safe learning environment, this school year CCSD schools are equipped with technology that allows school administrators to directly call CCSD Police Dispatch from their radios, which allows first responders to more quickly respond to emergencies on school campuses.

Additionally, students, parents and staff members have access to SafeVoice Nevada, an anonymous reporting system used to report threats to the safety or well-being of students. The phone number for SafeVoice is (833) 216-SAFE.

CCSD is also closely monitoring the Governor’s School Safety Task Force including recommendations for assessing facilities and upgrading with more security measures. 

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