Extreme heat to remain in Las Vegas area through Friday


As extreme heat creeps into the forecast for next week, people across Southern Nevada will be looking for ways to keep cool. For some, that means cranking up the air conditioner, so pros have tips for ways you can save on your energy bills.

Tip #1: Close the blinds

"People don't think it makes a big difference, but it definitely does," Henderson Home Depot manager Ryan Kennedy said. Closing the blinds means less sunlight can get into your home, keeping the air cooler and giving your air conditioner more of a break.

Tip #2: Check your fan

Another simple step that can make a difference in your bill is making sure ceiling fans are spinning the right way. In the summer, fans should be rotating counter-clockwise, pushing cool air down into the room.

Tip #3: Check your doors

Another simple thing to check is the weather stripping on your doors. If the stripping is old or worn cool air could be escaping your home while the hot, outside air makes its way inside.

"That's a big thing, it keeps the cool air in, hot air out," Kennedy said.

Tip #4: Solar Screens

A pricier option, solar screens are products that can go on your window to prevent sunlight from getting into your home.

"If it's hot, doing the outside stuff like putting up solar screens is not always the easiest thing to do...but pretty simple to do if you have a basic knowledge," Kennedy added.

Tip #5 Portable Air Conditioners

Kennedy said another tip that will cost more, but could save money in the long run is a portable air conditioner, so users could only cool the room they are in.

"That way they don't have to spend the money to cool the whole house down," Kennedy said.

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