The first week of classes is in the books for the Clark County School District, and the first five days of the school year had ups and downs.

On the first day of school, police arrested a Green Valley High School Student for bringing a gun onto campus. Officers said the student was intoxicated and did not make any threats.

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On day two, police investigated two reports of strangers trying to lure kids who were talking to school. In one instance, near Richard H Bryan Middle School, police cleared the suspect, who they said was a concerned parent offering kids a ride to school because they were late for classes.

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On day three of classes, parents said they were happy with how CCSD was handling the start of the school year.

"I think they're doing terrific," one mother said.

"I just think that they challenge them in school and push them a little bit and keep it hands-on and exciting," another parent said.

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Day four brought concerns from parents after a second-grade student was dropped off at the wrong bus stop, leading to confusion.

"When the bus driver came to drop him off I asked where my son was. He wasn't able to locate him on the bus. He looked to see if maybe he was asleep. He wasn't on the bus at all so I asked where is he? He's like, 'I don't know!'" the student's mom said.

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In a statement, CCSD said they were working to fix the situation, adding that "Parents are strongly encouraged to review their child’s bus stop location with them. If a student is unsure they should immediately seek the assistance from their bus driver."

The first week wrapped up on Friday, when police investigated another luring attempt. This one occurred as a Tarkanian Middle School student was walking near their bus stop.

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The school sent these tips out to parents: Walk in groups to and from school. Never take rides from strangers. If you are approached by a stranger, keep a safe distance and think of a direction to run if needed. Shout and yell as loud as you can. Never give out your name or address to people you do not know. This is especially true on the Internet. Run to a safe place, i.e., school, church, store, etc. Always let your parents or guardians know where you are. Take the same route to school every day. Be sure you know your parents’ full names, addresses, and phone numbers. If possible, get a license plate number.Copyright 2018 KVVU (KVVU Broadcasting Corporation). All rights reserved.

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