0125 nsphl announcement covid strain detected in nv

courtesy University of Nevada Reno

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The first known case of the coronavirus South African variant has been detected in Nevada.

The State Public Health Laboratory detected the B.1.351 variant, better known as the South African variant, on Feb. 13 in a sample collected in Reno. The DNA sequence was confirmed to be the South African variant on Wednesday, Feb. 17. 

The case was traced back to a traveler from South Africa who became symptomatic after arriving in Reno, said laboratory Director Dr. Mark Pandori. 

The B.1.351 variant (a.k.a. “South African” variant) emerged independently of the B.1.1.7. variant, according to the CDC though like B.1.1.7, it also possesses mutations in the spike protein that the virus uses to bind, enter and infect human cells. The spike protein mutation may be associated with higher viral loads and may also hinder antibody binding, reducing naturally developed immunity and/or vaccine efficacy.
Dr. Pandori says this strain “may be less susceptible to neutralizing antibody such as those generated by vaccines, but it is not yet known to cause a more severe illness and is not thought to be more lethal than the regular COVID-19 strain.” He added that “there is some evidence that it may be less susceptible to vaccine-mediated immunity, however it does not render the COVID vaccine totally ineffective.”
“The virus is copying itself very often now, and that is what leads to variation. It happens through a process called ‘mutating’,” says Pandori. "The more a virus spreads in a community, the more opportunities it has to make mistakes when it copies itself. This leads to what we see here and it's a very natural part of viral evolution.”

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(5) comments


F*** this news station, I used to come here for my daily Valley news. Now I just come here to read the hateful but 100% true comments about their terrible coverage and our worthless governor. Pure entertainment now.


Another strain of coronavirus. So what?? There are numerous strains of viruses. As someone posted, life goes on. Probably most people have been exposed and have built immunity resulting in lower numbers of sickness, hospitalizations and deaths.


Every month there will be a new covid19 version. It will never stop. This is the new normal.


Are people STILL allowing the fake news media to scare them with the doom and gloom Chinese virus daily 'updates'? Seriously? It's the strong flu, nothing more, nothing less. Life moves on.


WOW... I sure hope the Contact Tracers can find out where this person went since coming to NEVADA. What ever happened to the multi million dollar program set up here for contact tracing here in NEVADA??? HMMMMMMMM...

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