LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Christopher Fox Jr. said he walked in on something beyond a parent's worst nightmare on Monday evening.

"I was in shock," Fox said. "Literally shock to find your son and your daughter deceased in separate bathtubs. It’s the worst thing in the world."

Fox shared a picture of his 1-year-old daughter Gihanna and 4-year-old Christopher nestled up against him in a chair. He described his son as loveable with an infectious smile. He always looked forward to dad coming home from work. Fox shared that they had planned to watch the movie "Space Jam" this weekend.

"[Gihanna] definitely was a bundle of joy and always smiled. Both of my kids always smiled. If I had a bad day they knew how to turn it back to a good day and walking in to them was it. That was my world," Fox said. 

However, the kids closest bond was with their mother, according to Fox.

Jovan Trevino, who is being held in jail accused of drowning her children, worked with kids in her career at the Department of Family Services in Clark County. Fox said children were her everything.

Mother arrested in Bullhead City in drowning deaths of 2 Henderson children

Jovan Paris Trevino was arrested in connection with the drowning deaths of her two children, according to Henderson Justice Court records.

"People are going to go crazy because I said that, but that was her passion. Every time I had seen her around kids it was positive," Fox said.

He had been with Trevino for seven years. 

"I know why it happened and it's up to the mom to tell the world," Fox said. "Take care of yourself, and if you're feeling low or anything let somebody know or go check yourself in."

He said he doesn't feel anger toward Trevino.

"I don't hate her. There's still love for her, and I wish her the best," Fox said.

This month, he wasn't living with the family. He has a temporary protection order against him for domestic violence. 

Police had responded to their home a number of times in the past few months before the children's death. He insisted that was never for anything surrounding the children.


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Sounds like they (parents) were both real pieces of work. Good grief. Poor kids. What a shame.

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