Vegas Golden Knights to play Philadelphia Flyers in home opener


Thousands of Golden Knights fans have connected through social media. Now a group of fans wants to gather as many as possible in person to say ‘thank you’ to the team.

For many fans, their love for the Golden Knights started off the ice, seeing the team respond after tragedy.

“A lot of people discovered the Golden Knights because of their involvement after 1 October,” fan Sophia Rivas said.

“That’s where my love and my loyalty started,” fan Kimberly Huff said. “And I knew then, I would never turn my back on them ever.”

It was easy not to turn their backs as the team kept winning. But after a crushing defeat in the Stanley Cup Final, it was the players who expressed disappointment they couldn’t finish the fairy tale.

“Hearing [goaltender Marc-Andre] Fleury apologize, it broke my heart,” Huff said. “It killed me because to me, there was nothing to apologize for. You lifted a city. This was so much more than just about a Stanley Cup for people like me.”

Fans reached out to one another, brainstorming ways to thank the team. Then they decided to make a video, involving as many fans as possible.

“A lot of the players have gone home, they've left,” Luc Roy said. “So this is a good way to reach them wherever they are in the world today.”

Organizers chose three locations: the Healing Garden in downtown Las Vegas, City National Arena and Sunset Park. They’re asking fans to just show up and share your message of thanks.

“These guys with these tremendous hearts, they already gave their hearts to this city and they deserve our hearts in return,” Huff said. Organizers said the response has been tremendous. Golden Knights fans across the world have been asking how they can take part.

Fans said this is the least they can do to thank the team for uniting this city.

“I went from somebody who lived in Vegas to somebody who is a part of Vegas. And the team did that,” Roy said.

And they want to remind the players that this love affair isn’t over. Next year will be even better.

“We won,” Huff said. “I loved them before they got to the playoffs. I loved them before they even won. It’s way beyond hockey. And it's definitely way beyond the Stanley Cup.”

Once the videos are taped and edited, the finished product will be sent to the Golden Knights.

If you’d like to be a part of the fan videos, you can find details here:

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