Mariah Coogan

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A flight from Scottsdale crashed before it ever landed in Las Vegas last April. All six people on board died. 

Now one of the victim's family members has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the estate of both pilots. 

Stacey Coogan's daughter Mariah was one of the passengers. She said over the phone at least one of the pilots had cocaine in their system. 

The lawsuit also said the pilots violated federal regulations but drinking before they got into the cockpit. 

"It's not really about money, its just about finding the person responsible," said Coogan. 

The Coogans were picture perfect. Mariah was the oldest of five children. 

"She was my best friend," said Coogan. The two looked like sisters. 

Mariah loved animals. She was a professional horseback rider, and a model. Last year, Mariah boarded a small private plane. It was headed toward Las Vegas. 

The pilots took off from Scottsdale. Mariah and the five other people board never even made it out of the city. 

"I don't want it happen to someone else." 

A student pilot and his trainer were in the cockpit. 

"Somebody can just be drinking all day, get in a plane take off with five other people and they're able to do that without anybody checking the lists," said Coogan. 

The National Transportation Safety Board's preliminary report said surveillance video caught the airplane wings rocking before and during take off. 

"They would not release the surveillance tape at the airport to us we still have not seen that." 

Some people on the runway said they saw the wings shake, too. 

"To notice that the wings were shaking when they were still on the ground, if someone could have just stopped them that would have saved all those lives," said Coogan. 

Stacey and her husband filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Clark County on April 4. 

She said she wants justice for her daughter and her four other children. She also wants something to change.  

"Maybe it will bring some awareness to the laws at private airports, how its so nonchalant ... it could have been avoided you know it just kills and I don't want to have someone else go through what we've just gone through this last year." 

Another victim's family said they plan on filing a lawsuit once the final NTSB report is released. 

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