Angie Erives

Angelina Erives, 11, was shot and killed inside her home in an apparent drive-by shooting Thursday night, North Las Vegas police said.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- When the Banks family described their son Guy, they said things like, "kind," "quiet," and "a mama's boy."

That's why they said they're so shocked to learn he was involved in a shooting that took 11-year-old Angie Erives's life. 

"He always let me know what he's doing, and I wasn't hearing from him and I got worried," Guy's mother, Nina Davie, said. "I called his phone and then I called all the hospitals and jails."

North Las Vegas police said just before 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, a gray Nissan Altima with about six people inside pulled up to a home. The people inside got out and began firing.

Angie Erives was killed as she sat at her kitchen table. A neighbor heard the gunfire, ran out and began firing at the Altima. 

Davie said Thursday, before the shooting, everything was normal.

They talked about how he needed to clean his bathroom; she went and got him his favorite food, bananas. When she didn't hear from him, she started to worry and started to make calls.

Davie said she heard about the shooting that left an 11-year-old girl dead, and also heard about a 19-year-old who was shot, but said she didn't ever think it'd be her son. 

She said the car involved in the shooting was her son's, and added he was in the passenger seat. She doesn't know how or why her son was there, but is adamant it was a mistake. 

"He was a lover, he's my baby," Davie said while sobbing. 

When the neighbor returned gunfire, Guy Banks was shot in the head. The 17-year-old suspect who was driving Banks' car called for help and everyone else in the car fled. North Las Vegas police are still searching for additional suspects. 

"Whoever that boy who is in custody, he is the one who called for help, while everyone else fled," Davie said. "That young man has to have some guilt because he stayed behind with my baby when he could have run, too. He could have just left Guy to deal with everything, but he didn't, because he knew Guy was not a part of what was going on."

North Las Vegas police said the shooting was gang related, but Banks' family is adamant he was not a part of the gang.

They don't know how he ended up in the situation that night. They said Banks' was in the process of joining the Air Force, had gotten a new job and had just voted early in the midterm elections. 

The family said the whole situation has shaken the community and now two families are having to deal with the death of their children. They said above anything else, they wish none of it happened. 

"My condolences to the family that poor baby girl," Davie said of Angie Erives. "But my son isn't a murderer."

North Las Vegas police said even if Guy Banks wasn't a gang member, during the night of the shooting, he was with gang members in the car. 

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