LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Families of two fallen Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers are mourning their loss five years later.

Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo were gunned down inside Cicis Pizza while on break back in 2014. Police said the two shooters were sovereign citizens, meaning they were anti-government, anti-law enforcement and extremists who targeted police.

“He's still gone. It's just something that we can't change,” said Daxton Beck, son of fallen officer Alyn Beck. “As time goes on, it's not like you get used to it."

Daxton was just 13 years old when his father died. He’s now 19 and living in Denver as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“He really believed in what he was doing,” Daxton said. “He didn't really go in just for the pay. He felt like he was contributing to something."

Family, police and community members came together to honor the fallen police officers with a mural. The mural was painted by Las Vegas Art Student Cassandra Sosa. It’s painted on the walls of the Cicis Pizza, positioned next to a plaque honoring the officers.

Mural honoring fallen Las Vegas Metro officers unveiled on 5th anniversary of shooting

“Every year has been difficult,” said Robert Soldo, brother of fallen officer Igor Soldo. “We move forward. We remember all the good things that they have made in their lives."

Daxton said his dad and his partner Soldo dedicated their lives to serving others. The two didn’t get to see the impact they would have, but Daxton did.

“That's the moral of being a police officer or being a first responder,” Daxton said. “Sometimes you don't really see those effects. Sometimes you don't feel like you're making a difference. But you do. You actually do."

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