Families find hidden painted rocks supporting Vegas Golden Knights

(Tiana Bohner/FOX5)

There’s a unique way kids are getting involved in the Golden Knights frenzy. It’s thanks to an online community called Las Vegas Painted Rocks.

It’s a group on Facebook with more than 10,000 members across the Las Vegas Valley. How it works is you can paint a rock any color with any design; the Golden Knights rocks have become the most popular. Then you hide the rocks around the community for families to find.

As a rock hunter, once you find a rock, you can either re-hide it or keep it. Rock hunters said it’s become a game day tradition to find the Golden Knights ones. FOX5 tagged along with some Golden Knights fans on a mission to find some rocks at City National Arena.

“I see one!” Asher Mosley said.

These aren’t just ordinary rocks. The hand-painted rocks are hidden gems across the valley.

“You two have Fleury, that's cool!” the kids compare their rocks.

Toni Harvey is the woman behind some of the rocks. She loves to draw and she loves the Knights.

“It’s brought the whole city together like no other time,” Harvey said.

She’s been painting the rocks and hiding them the morning of every game day.

“I'm trying to get them all over the valley for all the little fans out there,” Harvey said.

And she’s not the only one. In a group of 10,000, there are lots of others who are painting their own one-of-a-kind rocks for the Golden Knights.

“Every game day, we go to find rocks to support the Golden Knights,” Brady LeBowsky said.

The kids and their parents love it.

“I drove all the way across town, 40 minutes away from my house, to find the first ones that [Harvey] posted,” Sabrina Mowrey said.

If the Knights aren’t on TV, parents said it’s a great way to get their kids outdoors.

“It’s not only a good keepsake for them to have of the Golden Knights and this amazing historic season,” Mowrey said. “But also of our times together as a family.”

And it helps the younger fans build even stronger bonds with the players.

“They really gave our city something solid to rally behind,” Mowrey said.

“Before they were actually a team, they were supporting Vegas after the shooting,” Caleb Mosley said.

“They are in the finals because they work so hard as a team and they keep getting goals,” LeBowsky said.

If you want to find a rock, a lot will be hidden early Monday morning at a few parks across the valley.

If you want some clues to find one, visit the Las Vegas Painted Rocks group on Facebook.

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