Las Vegas Metro police said they are investigating a shooting at a 7-Eleven that left a robbery suspect dead on Sunday night.

Police responded to the incident at the business just before midnight at 4510 East Vegas Valley Drive, near Lamb Boulevard.

According to Officer Jay Rivera, a customer, went to the business to make a purchase when he got into an argument with the clerk. He said the customer then left the store, and the clerk called the "owner."

The "owner" showed up at the 7-Eleven, then the customer returned with "backup," according to Rivera. The two groups continued to argue and at one point, the "owner" shot the customer, identified by the Clark County Coroner's Office as 24-year-old David Barron, at least twice in the chest.

Barron was taken to a valley hospital where he was later pronounced dead, police said.

Two men who were with Barron have been arrested on robbery charges. They were identified as Richard Ball and Eric Ball.

Police say these two men, Eric Ball (L) and Richard Ball (R), were with the man who died this morning at 7-Eleven. Both face robbery charges— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) September 12, 2017

Homicide detectives are now investigating whether the use of force was justified.

According to interviews detailed in the arrest report, David Barron spat on the front walkway outside, and was confronted by a 7-Eleven store clerk. An argument started and during that time, the owner showed up to the store and confronted Barron and Eric Ball, who was with him.

A physical fight broke out between a 7-Eleven employee, the owner, Barron and Ball, and two other customers, who helped break it up, the report said.

Ball and Barron were told to leave. They later returned, with Ball’s brother, Richard Ball with knives and brass knuckles. The three confronted the employee, saying “they were there to get back their stuff,” the report said.

The owner called police and the Ball brothers jumped the counter and hit the employee. Barron came around corner and a fight broke out. The owner took out a gun and fired in the air, according to the report.

Richard Ball ran outside and hid behind a car. Eric Ball ran to the back office of the store. The fight continued, while Barron was armed with a kitchen knife, according to the report.

In fear for his life and the lives of his employees, the owner shot at Barron, who was hit and fell outside the store’s front entrance, police said.

Police said the three men entered the store with the intent to rob it. Officers found four men fighting in front of the store when they arrived. Police broke up the fight and later found a gun, machete, brass knuckles, tactical knives and a kitchen knife, the arrest report said.

A man who lives in a mobile home directly next to the 7-Eleven said he heard the gunshots and saw Barron bleeding in the parking lot as soon as he walked outside.

"The guy that passed away was right in front of the ice machine in the parking lot," Rick Miller said. "All of a sudden it was, 'Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!'... The cops got there before I could even get to my phone."

Metro says the "owner" of 7-Eleven shot and killed a customer. They originally said it was NOT a robbery, just an argument. Now it's unclear— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) September 12, 2017

Miller said he has met the owner of the 7-Eleven and does not believe he was there the night of the shooting.

"He's never here because he owns a whole bunch of 7-Elevens," he said. "I don't know if it was drug deal gone bad, or if somebody did something, or if somebody flipped somebody the bird. I have no idea what set it off... I don't know why an employee would come out into the parking lot. Normally they stay behind the counter and hit the silent alarm."

Staff at 7-Eleven had no comment.

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