Elderly man breaks silence after violent Las Vegas home invasion

Gary Bogk details what happened during a violent home invasion during an interview with FOX5 on Jan. 31, 2018. (Abby Theodros/FOX5)

Gary Bogk, 76, gets night sweats in his sleep following a violent invasion in his northwest Valley home.

“You wake up in a cold sweat,” Bogk said. “You see the anger on their faces.”

On Wednesday, police announced six arrests into a string of violent crimes in Las Vegas. Some of the suspects took part in Bogk’s home invasion, according to police.

Metro police say these six suspects are linked to 14-16 recent violent crimes in the NW part of the valley pic.twitter.com/ApzYxBZiTB— Abby (@abbytheodros) January 31, 2018

While Bogk welcomes the news, he said he still remembers the two armed men who tied him up and ransacked his home.

“They tied me up, I really thought I was a goner," he said.

Gary said it happened January 17. He got in his car to head to the post office when the guys gained access through his garage door and attacked him.

“[One guy] put the gun to my temple and every time I looked at the guy he jammed the gun at me.”

After the suspects took his wallet, Gary said they forced him to open his safe.

Gary said they took his credit cards, his guns, and his late wife’s jewelry.

“I’m glad she didn’t have to go through that,” Bogk said. “They would have abused her or something fierce.”

Bogk said when the suspects left, he was tied up for about 15 minutes before he was able to untie himself and call the police.

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