El Cortez

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- El Cortez Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas is testing out plexiglass barriers or "sneeze guards" on blackjack tables and in between slot machines. 

Las Vegas-based company Screaming Images designed it. Each player is separated from each other and the dealer by plexiglass. There's an opening for each player's hands where chips can pass through. 

Some people are worried the reflection could lead to cheating. El Cortez General Manager Adam Wiesberg said that shouldn't be a problem considering how closely each player is monitored by security cameras and pit bosses. 

The prototype inside El Cortez is built for four players. The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) said once casinos reopen, there can't be more than three players at a blackjack table. 

Wiesberg said as of now, El Cortez doesn't have any plans to install the plastic barriers, they're still working to figure out if it's the best option. 

However, he has made other changes at craps tables and slot machines. 

NGCB said craps tables are not allowed to have more than six players and people will not be allowed to congregate around the table. 

El Cortez placed "social distancing" markers on the ground, evenly spaced out around the table to let players know where they are allowed to stand. 

Crews also started rearranging slot machines. Instead of turning off every other machine to social distance, El Cortez is taking the most popular games and physically moving them to keep players apart. 

El Cortez was the first major property built in downtown Las Vegas nearly 80 years ago. Wiesberg said moving forward, it’s not about being better than the next casino, but finding a way to open all of them sooner and safer.

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