LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- UNLV students and staff will be making a return to campus for the fall semester on August 24th. The university has noted many changes coming to ensure the safety of those on campus.

One of the biggest changes enforced is the increase in online courses. Eighty-percent of classes have now moved online. However, students will not face distance learning fees that would usually be charged for an online course.

Classes on campus will have altered start times to allow for less students walking to and from classes at once.

Masks will be required inside and outside of all buildings on UNLV’s campus.

During the pandemic, the university said it will prohibit on-campus tobacco use, including smoking, vaping and chewing tobacco, to maintain compliance with the face covering mandate.

A $50 facility fee will be waived for students as the university recognizes the financial hardships brought on to students by the pandemic.

A number of safety trainings and videos can be used as resources for returning to campus:


A university town hall is scheduled for August 14th. Questions regarding online learning, safety and student resources will need to be submitted by August 12th. A copy of the form you will need to fill out is below.


Dr. Brian Labus is an assistant professor at UNLV who said safety is the top priority as students and staff return.

"Safety has driven every single one of the discussions that we’ve had so far, but really the challenge of planning is facing all of the unknowns. Right now we know there’s a disease in the community," Labus said. "We can’t say what’s going to happen next week, next month or at the end of the semester. We need to do the best we can with the information that we have and take the most reasonable and safest approach we can to try and provide the safest environment on campus."

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