LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- In one month, Clark County School District students in grades pre-kindergarten through third will be invited back into the classroom.

But the district said throughout the second semester they'll also work to transition employees and students in higher grade levels to the hybrid model.

Karlana Kulseth is one of those employees.

She said she is hoping to make a return to in-person teaching as well, but with certain safety stipulations met by her employer, since she is at high risk for COVID-19.

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"There are so many different elements that have not been thought out," said Kulseth, who said she teaches ninth grade English and yearbook.

She said she needs her employers at the school district to understand that her full immunity via the vaccine is just the first step to a safe reopening of her classroom.

"I have to figure out where my desks are going, how far apart they need to be," said Kulseth.

She said she feels that the leaders' actions so far, as well as the CCSD board-approved Memorandum of Agreement between the district and teacher's union, are lacking in certain details.

"It really doesn't address the infrastructure of electrical outlets, WiFi infrastructure. Where am I plugging all these computers in? Because these Chromebooks don't have the best battery life. Are our HVAC systems going to hold up once we start bringing these people back in? There's so many different elements that have not been thought out, and I know I'm not the only teacher who has thought of these things," said Kulseth.

She said distance learning is "playing a huge role of mental and emotional stress on students." For this reason, she said she is eager to return to the classroom, but in a manner as safe as possible for all parties.

Click here to view the MOA between CCSD and Clark County Education Association regarding reopening plans.

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