LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- All Clark County School District elementary students who wish to return to classrooms were expected to be able to start on April 6. But the district told parents Monday that some of those students may be forced to stay at home.

In an email, CCSD said all elementary schools must adhere to all state directives on health and safety protocols, including limiting capacity to 75% to adhere to fire codes.

Due to these regulations, they said there may be students who will need to remain in full-time distance education until a space becomes available in face-to-face instruction.

They added families who are already doing hybrid, or who elected to do hybrid on the questionnaires, will be given priority for returning to classrooms April 6.

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The district’s warning of limited availability, however, has become a point of frustration for some parents.

Nevada PTA president Rebecca Garcia said there are many families whose minds have changed since months ago, when they elected their learning style.

"We have somebody that's high risk in my family, and the choice we made in November, isn't necessarily the choice we'd make now,” said Garcia.

Specifically for fourth and fifth graders, CCSD is using survey results that were taken in November. Garcia points out that so much has changed since then.

"Obviously now we're sitting in March. And the vaccine has rolled out, numbers have dropped in our community, and so things are really different."

She said parents weren't yet made aware about SafeKey, a before and afterschool program for kids.

“In both the November survey and the January survey, that went to pre-K through three families, parents were asked to make a decision, without knowing whether or not SafeKey would be available for their kids or at their school. And so many families rely on SafeKey for childcare, and ya know, school times don't match up with work times in most cases,” said Garcia.

She said they also weren’t made aware that face-to-face instruction would eventually be five days a week instead of two.

She said many parents would’ve chosen to opt into hybrid, had they known that, especially parents with multiple students.

"Then once this rollout for April 6 came, we assumed there'd be a new survey, and there wasn't,” said Garcia.

In the email, CCSD thanked parents for their patience as they, “continue to open [their] schools for [their] students, to promote healthy and safe learning environments.”

All CCSD elementary schools will continue to provide distance learning for the remainder of the school year.

If a parent would like to request a change in their student's learning model, the district is asking parents to contact the school to determine the individual school’s capacity.

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