LAS VEGAS (FOX5) –- CCSD may bring in an outside expert to investigate into claims of workplace harassment and a hostile work environment at the top of CCSD after Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara was voted out. 

Tonight, we spoke with parents about what’s been unfolding in the two weeks since the controversial split vote.  

Last week, the deeply divided board held a special meeting to come up with a plan to choose Dr. Jara’s replacement but couldn’t agree.

Then, over weekend, a confidential letter from Dr. Jara’s attorney leaked. Dr. Jara is demanding $2.7 million from the district to pay out his salary and for workplace harassment.

On next week’s agenda, discussion is set on if an expert should be brought in to evaluate harassment claims.

“It is a waste of money. Everything that they are doing right now is a waste of money that could be going towards teachers,” argued Brandi Rollins, parent of a 14-year-old at Cheyenne High School. Rollins believes all the fighting at the top of CCSD is ridiculous especially when her daughter and so many other students are facing real issues. Her daughter Alexandra hasn’t had a teacher for her health class all school year and she’s also on a school bus route the district cannot find a driver for.

“She was one of the students that got the bus taken away from her so now she is taking the RTC,” Rollins explained.

Rollins believes the teacher, substitute, and bus driver shortages could be fixed with better pay and is angry Dr. Jara approved $400,000 in raises for members of his cabinet, the highest paid employees at CCSD, after he was voted out.

11-4 ccsd meeting highlights_frame_92090.jpg

CCSD Board of Trustees meeting on Nov. 4.

“One person is worth a $30 thousand dollar raise but a teacher is not worth one dollar, two dollars? It’s crazy to me,” Rollins stated.

One of the trustees who voted out the superintendent, Irene Cepeda, appears to have changed her mind. According to next week’s school board agenda she wants to discuss bringing him back.

“We keep hearing with every single superintendent things are going to get better and it just it hasn’t,” Rollins argued.

FOX5 reached out to all seven trustees on the school board and no one wanted to comment on the harassment claims or the possibility of reinstating Dr. Jara as superintendent. It will be discussed at their next meeting next Thursday, November 18.


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The board has shown a complete lack of foresight. I'm not a fan a Jara, but firing him mid school year with no plan forward is completely unacceptable. It might be time to recall the whole board and replace it with people who can act responsibly.


These obese sweat hogs should be dragged out of the building! Told never to be involved

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