CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Economic Forum is set to meet May 4 and some groups in the valley are looking to make sure education gets the funding it needs.

The Nevada Association of School Superintendents is asking the legislature to prioritize restoring all the cuts made since COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the nearly $160 million cut to the Class Size Reduction Program and the more than $33 million cut to the Read by Grade Three program.

“We understand the governor had to make some difficult choices in building a budget that reflected the economic realities of the time, but now that additional funds have become available, any and all dollars should be used to restore these cuts to teaching positions and early literacy supports," said Russell Fecht, President of the Nevada Association of Superintendents. 

Class size reduction funds are used to pay teachers in order to keep class sizes low in kindergarten through 3rd grade.

The Association said reducing this funding by half would result in half as many teachers and increased class sizes, which is why they're asking the legislature to restore the cuts.

"It is essential the legislature fully fund ongoing state priorities such as Class Size Reduction and Read by Grade Three, which helps protect Nevada’s youngest students,” said Dr. Jesus F. Jara, superintendent of the Clark County School District. 

The Economic Forum will take place at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. To watch the meeting, click here.


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Nevada educators are child abusers- look it up- every week another arrest.


Guilt By Association Fallacy. If A is B and A is also a C, we can not conclude that all B's are C's. An example of this would be: Hitler was a mass murder, He was also a vegetarian, therefore all vegetarians are mass murderers.

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