LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- In many Clark County School District schools, especially secondary schools, some teachers are instructing face-to-face students and distance-learners at the same time.

With about five weeks left until summer break, a teacher's union said that many are hoping that changes by the start of next school year.

"It's not school as normal,” said Charlotte Brigham, who works as a third grade teacher at Schorr Elementary School. "It's definitely challenging."

She is one of the several CCSD teachers pulling "double duty" right now, teaching both in-person students and distance-learning students.

“And then also some students receiving special education services,” said Brigham.

The younger students participating in the in-person option are currently attending five days a week. She said teaching both groups at the same time is a challenge, particularly having to enforce COVID-19 precautions while ensuring kids' academic, social and emotional wellness.

"It's just a little more challenging when you're asking them to do all three [cohorts] at the same time,” said Marie Neisess, president of Clark County Education Association. "Starting to think about the fall, what is it gonna look like? And does it mean that we will have to do all three cohorts again? That isn't what we went to college for."

A district leader recently said CCSD will provide two options in the fall for all schools: full-time distance and full-time face-to-face education.

CCSD generic classroom

"Educators are okay with that, so long as they have one or the other,” said Neisess. "That’s what educators do. They overcome things, and they adjust, and they continue doing what they need to do to make sure that they do the best for their students."

Neisess said the issue is affecting many teachers in the secondary level especially, because as kids get older, teachers' content areas become more specialized, making it tougher to separate, logistically.

CCSD has yet to respond to a request for information on the 2021-2022 school year.

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