LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County schools are back in session Aug. 24. It's going to be very different.

We've heard a lot from teachers, parents, politicians and Facebook posts. You know who we haven't heard from yet? Hazel and Vivi.

Hazel is 4, Vivi is 9, and they have a lot to say. These two little rascals are sisters.

Let's start with Hazel. She's 4; her birthday is this weekend. Then the big 5-year-old is starting kindergarten, and she can't wait.

Vivi is the big sister, she's going into 4th grade. Vivi is trying to set a good example.

"Doing distance learning, but I'm trying to think positive about that," Vivi said. "I'm excited because we get to try something new."

These two are excited to make new friends and learn some cool new stuff.

Vivi and Hazel's parents are both teachers. Shiloh teaches elementary school, Patrick teaches middle school. This distance learning model has them going back to school too.

"I feel like a new teacher again, it's very challenging," Shiloh Larzik said. "I feel like I have to learn what I'm doing all over again."

Shiloh is starting her 20th year in the school district. Her challenge is transporting creativity from the classroom to the Chromebook.

"There's teachers making math stations that are interactive online, bitmoji classrooms... looks like cute little teachers in their classrooms," Shiloh said.

"It's hard to keep their attention even in the classroom setting."

Teachers will also have a very structured day. A set schedule, with time requirements throughout the day to maximize learning for all the kids.

"It's much, much more organized that it was in the spring," Shiloh said.

Shiloh's advise to parents is to get organized now. Set aside a little work space for your student, let the younger kids play around with a computer and get a feel for it.

Hazel has some advice too.

"I have academy kids... and also ABC mouse," Hazel said, describing learning games to help clear the quarantine brain.

Bottom line: if everyone buys in, this can work.

"If parents, students, teachers communicate as much as possible, I believe we can make it work," Shiloh said

"It's not gonna be easy is the best answer I can give. But we're gonna make it happen," Patrick Larzik said.

And one last pearl of wisdom from Vivi: "We don't know when it's gonna be over, but it's gonna be over. So I just say you have to stay positive."

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