LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The CCSD Board of Trustees heard from families at their meeting Thursday night asking them to save the FACES or Family and Community Engagement Services program.

FACES currently offers classes for students before prekindergarten and their parents, especially Spanish speaking families.

“A week ago, the teacher of my daughter with a lot of saddens in her face told us that the program was ending on Oct. 22,” Delia Rodriguez relayed at the meeting through a translator.

Rodriguez stood in front of the board with her son, daughter and a translator, pleading the free program be allowed to continue. “For us, to be able access a free education is very difficult,” she added. 

Last week, CCSD announced they are “reimagining departments that directly engage with the community,” including FACES.

They say the goal of the re-envisioned Office of Engagement is to engage the entire community to support sustainable improvement in schools. Learn more by clicking here 

Parents and teachers questioned the move. Why change a successful program in the middle of the school year?

A number of staff with the program were also told they would be reassigned.


“This department has 29 minority support professionals mostly women and longtime employees of CCSD. They were given sudden notice that their positions was being eliminated and that they were being surplused,” stated ESEA President Jan Giles at the meeting.

Even board members seemed to be surprised by the district’s decision and sympathized with families.

“I was a little disappointed to not have a heads up about this as a board member, so I can only imagine what it was like for those in the program,” said Trustee Danielle Ford.

“I just want to state that we are listening,” Board President Linda Cavazos said to families who spoke at the meeting.

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