Desert Oasis High School.

Desert Oasis High School.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A week after shots were fired during a fight after a football game at Desert Oasis High School, the school is implementing new safety protocols for varsity football games going forward.

All attendees must purchase a ticket prior to entering the stadium, using an online system.

To ensure safety, all students attending from either Desert Oasis or a visiting school must present a student ID. Desert Oasis students will enter and sit on the "home" side while visiting team students will enter and site on the "visitor" side. DOHS students must also have a parent in attendance with them for all games moving forward.

Friday night vs. Bonanza there was a much smaller and quieter crowd than normal at the 5:30 kickoff.

"It's different," parent of two varsity football players John Holland said. "A little hotter early, but I understand they want safety so I'm cool with it." 

Holland said he believes there was about half the crowd as normal.

The school also said bags and backpacks are banned from home games. Entry to events may be delayed due to security protocols and additional law enforcement and administration will be present at all games.

The protocols come after shots were fired Sept. 3 after a Desert Oasis-Sierra Vista game. According to police, a fight took place in the parking lot after the game and someone fired several rounds into the air.

"Well they're adequately addressing the issue for the school games, but nothing else," Desert Oasis parent Christopher Wagner said.

Wagner's son is a freshman at the school. After last Friday's game he decided he won't let his student attend any more this season.

 "It wasn’t just your ordinary fight. These kids were being brutal," Wagner said.

 Witnesses said pepper spray was used by police to attempt to break up the fight. Wagner wants more transparency from the school and district, and said the messaging to parents hasn't revealed the whole story. He said he’s sent several emails to the school for more information with no reply, as of Friday.

"You have a lot of families that are concerned about wearing masks or not wearing masks. If there's something that all sides should be able to come together it’s the safety of our kids from guns, fights and weapons in school and total transparency from the high schools," Wagner said.

The rest of the season all home games will begin at 5:30 p.m., instead of the previously scheduled 7:00 p.m. kickoff. 

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New safety protocol to prevent crime that will absolutely work- Dont allow Black people.

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