LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Applying to multiple colleges is nothing unusual, but getting more than 50 acceptance letters and millions in scholarship offers is.

For Shadow Ridge High School senior Trelas A. Dyson IV, the spring of 2021 has been filling up a green three-ring binder with acceptance letter after acceptance letter from universities across the country.

“For some reason, I always thought, and I don't know why, but I thought no one would accept me,” said Dyson.

At first, he was just relieved to get the first acceptance letter, but that was just the first drip in a flood of letters to come.

“I felt like a weight off my shoulders because I knew that I would go somewhere in the end. I felt so happy before all the applications came in,” Dyson said.

Week after week, letter after letter, Dyson started a collection of acceptance letters from from Southern University in Louisiana to Montana State and many places in between.

All the letters in the world wouldn't mean much if you can’t pay for college, but Dyson had that covered, too.

The ambitious student took multiple advanced placement classes and participated in extracurricular activities such as ROTC -- all of this along with a GPA over 5.0.

Normally, GPA is measured on a scale to 4.0, but AP classes are weighted allowing that number to be higher. 

In total, Dyson was accepted to 59 colleges.

One university offered $80,000 in scholarships to attend. Dyson estimates in total over $2,500,000 in scholarship money was offered.

Now, it was time for Dyson to decide.

Over the last year, content creation has exploded with more people spending time at home, and this new wave swept up Dyson and caught his interest.

“Over the summer, I've been testing my hand at content creation. I love the editing process and learning how that works plus figuring out lighting and seeing how that works. I felt like if I can combine that passion with my love for filming and cinema,” said Dyson.

Diploma in hands at graduation ceremony

This new passion, the opportunities in Hollywood and a near-full ride scholarship attracted Dyson to University of Southern California, where he will major in cinema and media.

“I feel like I'm in the best position to succeed,” said Dyson, “I want to do so much for my family and my community. I have all these ambitions and goals so I won't stop working I won't stop until I can get in the best position to succeed so I am extremely excited for the future.”

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Best of luck, try to use your education to develop the ethics that ring to to you and transcend the liberal/conservative false dichotomy. Subscribing directly to one side and vilifying the other is a path to disillusionment and despair.


Wrong. I have zero disillusionment or despair in my life. And I whole heartedly condemn liberalism. But don't for a minute think, there are only two sides and assume I am a conservative. One doesn't need to be a conservative to understand the danger of liberalism.


Best of luck. Just hope you don't waste your talents by becoming yet another raging, sky screaming liberal at USC.

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