LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- For prekindergarten to third grade students, the Clark County School District has been utilizing a hybrid learning model since March 1. But on Monday, the district is inviting grades six, nine and 12 to return to classrooms under a hybrid model.

Will their hybrid model look the same? Older students typically have more than one class and teacher.

Nevada PTA president Rebecca Garcia said no, and that it will have some significant differences.

For the middle and high school students starting hybrid this week, "It is not gonna look like a traditional schedule,” Garcia said. “Even when they go back for those two days."

While much of how hybrid learning looks depends on your child's school, here's what we know:

The older students will have two days a week of in-person learning, but Garcia said they won't be full days.

"They're only gonna be doing a couple classes at school, then they're gonna come home and do more work at home,” Garcia said.

“It’s like a double hybrid schedule, because they're hybrid each day, and then it's only two days a week where they're going to school," she said.

She said middle schoolers will likely have about four classes, and high schoolers will have more. But be sure to check in with your child's school directly for details.

"Your best information is going to come directly from your child's school, because there is so much variation."

Variation has been a common theme for families throughout the past year.

“There's been so many changes and so many things have varied school to school, that at some level, we had a lot of families who just kind of checked out, who were just like, 'I can't keep track,’” Garcia said.

CCSD building exterior

The exterior of a Clark County School District (CCSD) building is seen in Las Vegas. (Gai Phanalasy/FOX5)

For elementary school students who are invited into buildings five days a week come April 6, Garcia said, it’ll “probably look more traditional."

Grades seven, eight, 10 and 11 can return to hybrid learning on April 6 as well, but only two days per week to start.

CCSD students' last day of school is in just over two months, on May 26.

In the meantime, students will need to be spaced, but the guidance on that spacing has changed. On Friday, the CDC relaxed physical distancing guidelines for children in school from six feet to three feet What that guidance means for CCSD schools, according to the district, will depend on individual classroom sizes.

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