LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Clark County School District bus driver thinks a "call out" protest day on Tuesday will be a "disaster."

The driver started working for CCSD in the beginning of August. She did not want to disclose her name or her identity. 

A district-wide driver shortage has affected drivers on where their "yard" to pick up their bus is stationed at. She requested a yard 10 minutes away from her house but was assigned to a yard 30 minutes away. 

On an average school day, she said picks up students for two high schools in the morning and one elementary school. The elementary school has eight stops. She said normally it would be four or five.

She said she received a mass email from work on Friday asking drivers and aides to be report 30 minutes earlier than their regularly scheduled time to "help prepare and mitigate the impact of a potentially high call-out rate for that day."

CCSD has not responded to a direct inquiry about Tuesday from FOX5.

Pay and the COVID-19 vaccine mandate are the main issues she's hearing from coworkers. She said agrees with both. 

CCSD school bus involved in collision, 10 students taken to hospital

(Brad Boyer/FOX5)

“The pay is ridiculous it is, for the amount of stress that we are put under, we are responsible for a lot of lives," she said.

Because she is new, she does not plan to call out.

"I’m still fairly new, I don’t have any sick time, I don’t have any vacation time," she said.

She thinks Tuesday could look like a big mess. “I think it’s going to be a disaster. I really do and I hope that the district sees that, as without us you have nothing.”


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(7) comments


"aides to be report 30 minutes earlier" Either a typo in the article or a poorly worded email.


Obviously, they were educated in Clark county school system.


So if she had some sick/vacation time she WOULD call out. Interesting spin Fox.


Sisolak and his MARXIST ilk should ALL be in prison.


What are you even talking about? You sound like a blithering fool. What do 'Sisolak & his ilk' have to do with CCSD school bus drivers?


Jeezlouise you are an uneducated imbecile


I think that you should do some reading on Marx before you make an a$$ out of yourself again.

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