LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Clark County School District Board of Trustees President Linda Cavazos called a news conference Wednesday to address claims that she conspired with school principals to oust district Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara.  

Her position as president of school board, as well as the superintendent’s job, are on the agenda for discussion and possible action at Thursday’s board meeting. 

“We face the crisis of a divided board of trustees,” Cavazos said in a prepared statement. “I have no choice today but to sadly and adamantly refute and deny as truth many of the statements that have been made in a letter that was released publicly by Trustee Lola Brooks."

Brooks recently wrote a letter to Cavazos, accusing her of going behind the superintendent’s back conspiring to get rid of him. 

“We both began receiving reports from numerous principals that you had reached out to them directly in an effort to oust Superintendent Jara by publicly humiliating him through a vote of no confidence. When Superintendent Jara and I attempted to meet with you, in an effort to clear the air, you and your peers called a special meeting to sever his contract instead," Brooks wrote.

Cavazos strongly denied reaching out to principals to try to undermine the superintendent.

“I don’t want anybody to accuse me of, 'you are trying to broker a deal in a backroom,' because that already happens way too much,” Cavazos said.

Trustee Danielle Ford said she initiated discussion of Jara’s contract, and with support of Trustee Lisa Guzman and Cavazos, got it on Thursday’s agenda.

Cavazos said there was an event that precipitated Ford's initiation, but wouldn’t go into specifics.

“I don’t want to overstep boundaries in speaking for Trustee Ford, but yes, there was a set … I’m going to call them a set of circumstances, maybe a domino effect,” Cavazos said.

Linda Cavazos

Linda Cavazos

Even if Cavazos were to be removed as president, she would remain on the school board for at least another year as she was elected by the public.

“I can’t make excuses anymore, the whole board can’t make excuses anymore. We have to do better for our children,” Cavazos said.

“The superintendent serves at the pleasure of the board and the board can exercise its rights under my employment contract at any time," said Jara. "In the meantime, I remain focused on improving student outcomes by steadfastly serving the students and families of the Clark County School District.”

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