LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- After the termination of CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara last week, the school board held a special meeting one week later to discuss the search for his replacement. The meeting adjourned early when board members couldn’t agree to move forward.

“Y’all fired Jara which is fine, but y’all didn’t take away his power, and he gave everybody raises,” said Quincy Williams said during a public comment period at the meeting.

When Dr. Jara walked out the school board meeting last week after he was voted out, several members of his cabinet went with him. This week, while he remains superintendent until the end of the month, Dr. Jara approved $400,000 in raises for those highest paid CCSD staff members.

“One executive cabinet member will be receiving a pay raise in excess of $45,000. That raise alone is more than starting pay of a starting teacher. It is more than double the salary of a full-time school bus driver, campus monitor or classroom aide. The Clark County Association of School Administrators and Professional Technical Employees respectfully request that this board immediately rescind these inappropriate and outrageous pay increases and appoint an interim superintendent who can responsibly oversee this district,” said John Horn, director of Clark County Association of School Administrators and Professional Technical Employees, which represents the employees in question.

There was talk of bringing in one of Jara’s cabinet members as interim superintendent at Thursday night’s meeting. That was being pushed by trustees who voted in favor of keeping Jara. Trustee Evelyn Garcia Morales stated she thought district rules require in an emergency, Dr. Jara put forth the names of two of his cabinet members for interim superintendent. 

“I think that may be helpful for us to start there given that it is our own policy,” said Trustee Garcia Morales.  

Whether that will happen was not decided. It was also not decided if the interim leader would be someone who was already in the district or someone from the outside.

“My goal is stabilization so for me, I would want to choose somebody that’s an internal person. They have an understanding of the superintendent’s role. They understand how the board and the district works and they are not going to capsize us further,” said Trustee Lola Brooks.

11/4 CCSD

The meeting was abruptly ended. Nothing was decided in terms of moving forward with the search.

Before everyone left the room, Board President Linda Cavazos said, “I can only speak for myself right now because I have not conferred with my colleagues regarding the events of the last few minutes. We owe you an unbelievable profuse apology not only to your students but to the community the motion for adjournment was not something that I wanted to do but I feel that I could not take a chance on eliminating community involvement by possibly letting that motion pass having two people that were not …”

Cavazos was interrupted by the board counsel who said, “Madam president, I’m sorry, you are violating open meeting law right now by deliberating when they public isn’t here.”  

The board did reach one unanimous decision. Whoever is appointed as interim superintendent will not be in contention for the permanent job.


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Sadly a city of idiots, run by idiots. Has not changed in 15 years. Education system is wranked 5th from the bottom in the U.S. and rightly so. The CCSD needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom. Then and only then will something positive happen. Not with this pack of overpaid nitiwtis


Ditto. And the massive bureaucracy needs dismantling. Too many money wasting high paid bureaucrats.

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